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May 13 2008

Ms. Theresa Ducharme
1292 Wellington Street, W.
Ottawa, ON

Dear Ms. Ducharme,

This is further your request of May 8, 2008 regarding the use of Parliament Hill, on September 15 2008 from 9:00am to 4:00 pm for the event “Walk for Justice – Highway of Tears”.

The Interdepartmental Committee on the Use of Parliament Hill, whose mandate is to encourage and facilitate the coordination of activities on Parliament Hill, has considered your request, and I have the pleasure to advise you that from the best of our knowledge, the use you intend to make of the Hill does not conflict with other activities.  

Please note that vehicles will not be permitted access on the Parliament Hill. All signs if any must be hand carried and not staked in the grounds or attached to any fixtures.   The sound system must be small and portable (megaphone). Structures of any sort are strictly forbidden on Parliament Hill. Finally your group is responsible for cleaning the area that you have used.

From Monday to Friday, from 12:00 p.m. to 12:30 p.m., the Dominion Carillonneur gives a musical concert.   Consequently, it is desirable that no amplified speeches be made at that time and that noise be kept to a minimum during the recital in order to respect this tradition and the people who have come to listen.

It is generally preferable that activities on Parliament Hill be held between the Centennial Flame and the steps at the north end of the centre walkway.   We ask that you respect the safety of all concerned by avoiding areas under construction.

Finally, if damages to the grounds, buildings, handrails, lamp-posts, etc. are caused by your activities on Parliament Hill, the cost of repairs may be billed directly to you by the maintenance management unit. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact
me at (819) 934-5436.

Yours sincerely,

Andrée Saint-Louis
For the Committee on the Use of Parliament Hill
Route Plan From Vancouver to Ottawa
Leaving Arriving

1. Vancouver June 21, 08 Merritt June 23, 08
2. Merritt June 24, 08 Kamloops June24,08
3. Kamloops June 25, 08 Mount Robson June 30, 08
4. Mount Robson July 1, 08 Edmonton July 3, 08
5. Edmonton July 6, 08 Calgary July 8, 08
6. Calgary July 10, 08 Medicine Hat July 12, 08
7. Medicine Hat July 14, 08 Swift Current July 16, 08
8. Swift Current July 18, 08 Regina July 22, 08
9. Regina July 24, 08 Brandon July 26, 08
10. Brandon July 28, 08 Winnipeg July 30, 08
11. Winnipeg Aug 1, 08 Kenora Aug 3, 08
12. Kenora Aug 5, 08 Ignace Aug 7, 08
13. Ignace Aug 9, 08 Thunder Bay Aug 11, 08
14. Thunder Bay Aug 13, 08 Marathon Aug 15, 08
15. Marathon Aug 15, 08 Wawa Aug 16, 08
16. Wawa Aug 17, 08 Sault Ste Marie Aug 19, 08
17. Sault Ste Marie Aug 21, 08 Sudbury Aug 24, 08
18. Sudbury Aug 25, 08 Toronto   Aug 29, 08
19. Toronto Sep 2, 08 Tyendinaga Sep 4, 08
20. Tyendinaga Sep 8, 08 Ottawa Sept 12, 08
Please sign the coment box, with your name and where you will be walking from, and where you are able to walk to, so that we can be prepared for the walkers in each stop.

Thanks alot,
Nicole Tait<3
Mounties warn private eye to back off Highway of Tears

Investigator probing murders of 18 girls and women
Andy Ivens, The Province
Published: Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Private investigator Ray Michalko has been on the case of the Highway of Tears murders for two years, but he's ready to throw in the towel.

Michalko has received a letter from a high-ranking RCMP officer warning him he could be charged with obstructing justice if he doesn't tread carefully.

Eighteen girls and women have gone missing or been found murdered along the so-called Highway of Tears -- Highway 16 in northern B.C. -- in the past 30 years.

Michalko, a retired RCMP officer who became a private investigator eight years ago, said yesterday the letter came from RCMP Staff-Sgt. Bruce Hulan.

"If the RCMP can do this on any open investigation, they at any time could say to me: 'Stop what you're doing there,'" Michalko said.

"This is Canada. When you're doing something legal to help somebody, you don't expect such opposition. They're pretty territorial. I was probably like that when I was a cop, too."

He has consulted a lawyer to determine whether to go on.

"I'm licensed under the provincial statutes to investigate crime," he said. "I think it's a stretch what [Hulan] is suggesting, but I don't want to go to jail for one day."

RCMP Sgt. Pierre Lemaitre said the Mounties felt they had to rein in their former cohort after a story ran in a northern B.C. newspaper.

"Mr. Michalko had made a statement . . . that an arrest was imminent or he was expecting some major development," said Lemaitre, spokesman for the RCMP in B.C.

"What concerned the head of [the investigation] is they have been extremely careful to always keep the family members informed . . . to always talk to the families first.

"With that announcement [by Michalko], of course, our phones did ring. Unfortunately, that's not factual."

Michalko said although money from private citizens for his services ran out last year, he still gets leads on a weekly basis and his conscience won't let him quit the case.

"The RCMP has not been all that happy with me from the beginning," he said. "I have no desire to obstruct justice or screw up their investigation."

Lemaitre said the Highway of Tears investigation, officially dubbed Project E-Pana, is "very active with specialized, experienced investigators [who] are seconded to this full-time and that's all they do."

Prince George lumber and mining supplier Tony Romeyn has created a website -- highwayoftears.ca -- to try to help solve the puzzling murders.

"I have respect for Mr. Michalko because he's doing this out of his own pocket," said Romeyn. "I think he's doing great work, just stepping over the boundaries a little bit.

"The police keep things pretty close to their chest. It's probably a good idea. I do feel they are working very diligently."

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